With her mountainous landscape and its temperate climate, Serbia offers one of the most beautiful raspberries in the world enjoying an unmatched harmony between acidity and sugar.

The connection between the knowledge of Sicoberry’s 300 farmers with whom we work directly and natural wealth of Serbian regions (such as Golija’s biosphere, montain Goč or Kopaonik’s national park) allow us to carefully select the best fruits.

Sicoberry and its producers pledge to use only the chemical agents from the protection program made in close collaboration with professors from the Fruit Research Institute and the Faculty of Agriculture.

In a concern of continuous expansion and quality control, Sicoberry has its own plantations of strawberries Senga Sengana, raspberries Meeker and blackberry Loch Ness.

Raspberry is our specialty and more particulary varieties Meeker and Willamette.

The quality of the final product resides in the hand picking, fruit by fruit. For this reason, we pay a special attention to the harvest.


Harvest calendar

Variety January February March April May June July August September October November December
Raspberry Willamette

Raspberry Meeker





Wild strawberry


Blackcurrant / Redcurrant

Wine Peach




Sicoberry pay special attention to the reception, control and traceability of fresh harvested fruits.

Our goal is to limit the time between harvesting, receiving and the IQF freezing process, and thus ensure that the fruits preserves all its natural qualities (taste, smell, color, texture and nutritional value).

At all stages of processing, the process is controlled by our expert team and skilled workers.

Sicoberry is equipped with modern technology, a machine for washing certain fruits, a special space for fresh air conditioning, a special tunnel for deep freezing, an X-ray machine, …


In order to ensure high control of fruits and food safety, Sicoberry implemented a process of monitoring the quality “from plantation to customer”.

Each stage of the transformation process is equipped with new technologies and is subject to internal controls and controls of accredited laboratories, in accordance with European standards.

Sicoberry has the following certificates :

  • HACCP,
  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • Kosher

We are in the process of certification FSSC 22000.